Sat. Apr 4th, 2020

Statement, Recap & Gallery: York9 FC Home Opener vs. Forge FC

Statement from the Club

Unfortunately, Mother Nature had an impact on our Home Opener on May 25th, and it didn’t allow us to present the best experience to our fans and supporters. We acknowledge that there was some miscommunication and confusion between venue staff and club management about our extreme weather policy and we apologize for that and hope that we can rectify this situation at a future game.

To the fans who were negatively affected by the miscommunication we would like to invite you back for a different match. Please call the York9 ticketing office at 905-597-8877 ext. 1 to talk to a service representative who will assist you. Alternatively, you can send an email to Please reach out to the club by Friday June 14th.

Our fans, supporters and partners are of the utmost importance to us and we will continue to strive to offer the best match-day experience at our next home game.


Saturday marked the start of York9’s home foray in the Canadian Premier League. Forge FC was the opponent as the second edition of the 905 Derby was played out at York Lions Stadium.

The day began with excitement and anticipation of professional football finally coming to York Region. Supporters from Generation IX and hundreds of other season ticket holders were on hand to be a part of history. Generation IX displayed various banners, flags, and other tifo’s which added to the atmosphere of the match. They were matched by the travelling Barton Street Battalion supporters of Forge FC who came in droves to support their boys in Grey. Both supporter groups represented their teams very well, and this kind of support bodes well for a league that is in its infancy.

At the time of kick-off, Mother Nature was cooperating and all in attendance believed the inclement weather wouldn’t rear it’s ugly head at the match.

The first half kicked off and to say the teams were even would be an understatement. Spectators were treated to a very attacking first forty five which saw both goalkeepers having to make acrobatic saves to keep the score level. Both Henry and Ingham displayed great shot stopping and it was quickly evident why both goalkeepers are regarded as number ones in this league.

Forge FC’s Anthony Novak missed an open header early which would have put the away side ahead, but this was equaled by Luca Gasparotto of York9 missing a header off of a corner later in the half. The first half ended at a nil nil deadlock as the dark clouds started to roll in foreshadowing to the incoming downpour.

The standout player in the first half was quite obviously Tristan Borges. He has been immense for Forge FC early in this inaugural CPL season providing the perfect amount of trickery and creativity that this league needed. Backheels and stepovers are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Borges’ skill set. Whenever he got on the ball in the first half you had a feeling something was going to happen offensively for Forge FC. If there could be one part of Borges’ game that needs the smallest amount of work, it would be his final ball delivery. Consistency is key when it comes to getting the ball into the box and that could have been a point of possible improvement for Borges’. In all he was very impressive and definitely a player to watch for the rest of the season.

The second half began as the first ended with a very even back and forth between the two sides. Unfortunately this groove that the game had gotten into would be cut short as the heavens opened up and the rain started to fall. This was accompanied by lightning and thunder which forced the officials to pull the players off of the pitch at the sixty second minute.

Due to the lightning, fans and supporters were instructed to take cover by league and security officials until the all-clear was given.

This is where the confusion begins.

Rules state that the area must be thirty minutes free of lightning strikes before players would be brought back onto the field for a quick warmup in order to restart the second half. During the hour long delay, supporters and fans were told to go home by security officials. It’s believed that the game of broken telephone being played by League officials and security caused the confusion. Supporter groups were frustrated, fans were angry, and the press had their finger on the pulse of the social media backlash. When the second half restarted, the stands were empty bar a few diehard supporters who champed out the rain.

With the second half getting underway, York9 seemed a touch sluggish. Forge FC pounced on this opportunity with Chris Nanco getting a touch on the ball in the seventieth minute to direct a Kyle Bekker cross goalwards. This slight touch fooled Inghamin the York9 goal and Nanco had the eventual winner.

Eight minutes later Tristan Borges sealed the win for Forge FC as he had a beautiful strike from a training ground freekick play. Borges again showed why he could be a player to watch for the rest of the season.

The last play of note was a hard Luca Gasparotto tackle on Chris Nanco that had Dominic Samuel coming to the defence of the Forge FC goal scorer. Samuel and Gasparotto exchanged a few words but escaped any disclipline.

Final Score Forge FC 2 – 0 York9

Game Time Coverage & Recap by Peter Robinson, Photos by Casey Wolfgang

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